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Jun 5, 2013

Darby Creek Fun

Rich had the day off yesterday, so we took the kids to Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park just southwest of Columbus.  It was an absolutely perfect day - mid 70's, nice breeze, sunshine and the peace and quiet of all those acres of parkland. 
The kids played for awhile on a lovely shaded playground, then we walked a long trail in search of the park's bison, and finished the day with a fishing expedition.  The bison eluded us, but the path through the woods and open fields was beautiful.  Reminded me of home and made my heart all mushy and warm...I'm such sap!  I even busted out singing What a Wonderful World at one point, but it was toward the end of the trail and the kids were tuckered and way past joining me for a sing-along.  
Speaking of kids, is this not the most precious picture?
Playground fun.

Rich found a tiny frog along the wooded path.  Both of the kids held it.  They were very brave.



This is where the bison should have been...the park people must have corralled them elsewhere.

Hello, handsome...

Hello stinky monkeys...

My girl's first fishing rod - Barbie pink and everything.  I taught her how to cast and she pulled off a couple decent tries.  Made me so proud.

Sammie's been fishing with Rich for at least one season now.  He can really cast that reel out there.  Great fisherman already at the age of 5. 

We'll definitely be returning to that Metro Park.  It was a perfect day.

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