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May 9, 2013

Why Some Animals Eat Their Young...

My kids have been nutso lately. 

Seriously.  Crazy. 

I'm concerned about damage to the inner workings of their ears due to a) their inability to hear us when we tell them to do something, and b) our subsequent hollering demands at considerably increased decibels so they will hear us. 

I mean the listening...what's up with that? If only they would listen, everyone's lives would be so much better. 


They have had a few redeeming moments in the past few weeks.  Some sweet moments in the morning when they tell me about their dreams the night before.  Precious cuddles and song singing at bedtime. I also recorded them doing story cubes a week or so ago...their stories are just so funny. 

We recently started sharing one good thing and one bad thing about our days (thanks for the idea, Molly Benadum).  It's a nice way to teach the kids balance, how to reflect on what happens during a day and how the decisions they make impact themselves and others. And it's a nice way to stay connected as a family, especially on days I work and am away from them all day.

I like those moments.  They seem to like them, too.

Their humor has been on overdrive lately, too.  Like when Sam said "Whoa there, tiger" to Lena when she was doing a crazy dance in his face.  Ha!

Or when Lena crawled in bed with me and said, "Can I talk to you for a minute?".

It's funny to see how they mimic the things we do and say.  The good and, unfortunately, the bad.  They both will gently touch my face when we talk or rub my arm or stroke my hair, just like I do.  And they also sigh a lot and roll their eyes when told to do something they don't want to do, just like I do.


This life is crazy, isn't it?  These kids push me to the edge of sanity and, in the very next moment, melt my heart. 

Like last night when Lena was hysterical at bedtime.  Inconsolable.  For no identifiable reason other than exhaustion from no nap.  I thought my head would explode with frustration.  Then as I gave her her 78th goodnight kiss, she takes my face in her hands and says, "Sorry for my crying, Mommy" and kisses my cheek. 

Melt...frustration gone.  Instantly. 

God must given us all the capability of childhood heart-melting moments so our parents wouldn't eat us.  Good thinking, God!


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