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Jan 16, 2013

Christmas Day

I realize that it's January 16th and I'm posting about events on December 25th.  I'm behind...I hope that's not going to be a theme for 2013.  

My parents alternate every other year staying Christmas Eve night at Lori and my houses.  That way they have the opportunity to watch all their grandkids open gifts bright and early on Christmas morning.  I love this tradition.    

This year it was our turn to have them stay, which our kids thought was the best thing EVER.  (And to be honest, I did too.)  We had a lovely lazy morning opening and playing with presents from Santa while enjoying homemade lemon cranberry scones, cheesy egg puffs and gallons of coffee.  It will go on record as one of my favorite Christmas mornings ever.  

Santa did a pretty good job of not going overboard with the kids' gifts this year.  I was proud of him.  

And the kids are both at such perfect ages to truly enjoy receiving gifts.  They open each one like it's their only present and are so excited about it even if it's not that exciting.  I love that about young do I get that to stick?  

He was very serious about his policeman uniform.

And she was very affectionate with Merida.

Later we headed over to Lori's house for Christmas Day dinner.

Lori, of course, had her home decorated like a magazine.  It was the perfect setting in which  to share a wonderful meal and lots of laughs and good times.

Matt's parents were able to come, which was wonderful.  It made the day feel complete.

Chillin' by the fireside.  So sweet.

Lena found a stick outside that she played with all afternoon.  None of us could quite figure out the allure, but it kept her happy and quiet, so who am I to judge.  

We may have overdone it a little on presents there, but really that was for everyone - kids, parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, actually it doesn't seem too over the top.

Sweet Lily girl with her baby...the best dog ever.

So another successful Christmas holiday was had by all.  We were all healthy and happy.  We celebrated with family and friends God's gift of salvation in the form of his son.  We sang hymns of joy at church and loved on each other at home.  I felt our blessings deeply this year and they overwhelmed me.   

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