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Feb 16, 2012

Valentine's Day and Other February Things

Sam on Valentine's Day morning staring with wonder and delight at the decorations we put up the night before.

"How'd dose (those) hearts get up dare (there)?", he said. When I explained what they were for, he jumped up in my arms, hugged me and whispered in my ear "I wove (love) you, Mommy".

Lena was excited too. She wakes up later than Sam (we all wake up later than Sam), but they opened their special book and stamp set together. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of that because we had to rush out the door to school right after.

One morning last weekend, Rich broke out the kids' giant art set, wrapped the counter in paper and let them have at it.

Sam was using coins to trace circles to use as the heads for the animals and people he was drawing. His artistic ability and ingenuity come from his father.

Lena was pretty much just scribbling, but she asked me to draw hearts for her. Unfortunately, she gets her artistic ability from her mother. (But man, can she sing! I need to post a video of her wailing away. She even shakes her head a little when she hits high notes!)

Yesterday we were home sick from school (Sam had a low fever which, thankfully, hasn't resurfaced). While I was in the kitchen cooking, this is what I saw happening in the living room - Sam pretending to put Lena to bed. What I heard was Lena saying "Night-night Sammie" and Sam singing her one of her most requested bedtime songs, "Jeengle (Jingle) Bewws (Bells)". He even stroked her hair once.

I guess he was making up for the absolute holy terror he was the night before when he was slamming his door and calling me names before his bedtime. Must have been the fever working on him, right? :)

They both must have been in snuggly moods because look at what they did to Miles just a few minutes later.

Then they sat and played quietly together until lunch. I hated to interrupt them - this is a rare scene at our house.

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