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Jul 17, 2010

Sam's Big Boy Bed

Sam's first night in his big boy bed - success! He woke at 5:50 am, but we heeded my sister's advice and put up a gate outside his closed door, so when he opened his door to find that, he just stayed in his room playing and talking and singing to himself until our wake-up time: 7:15 am.

Sam's first nap in his big boy bed proved a little more troublesome. After several escorts back into his bed, I ended up sitting beside his bed for moral support, I guess. That's all he needed, because after two minutes, he was fast asleep (going on 2.5 hours).

We think he is ready for the transition, so we're just sticking to our guns and being firm and patient as we get him used to his new powers of two-year old decision making.

Pray for more success tonight!

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