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Jan 27, 2010


My sister inspired me to start blogging. Her blog is a memorialization of her family's life, her thoughts, their crafts and activities. I talk to her nearly everyday and see her all the time, but I still log on to see what's happened in the Winger household that day. I have no idea from what corner of herself she pulls the energy to keep a blog, but that's nothing new for Lori. She is the mold from which God must have created mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, neighbors, Sunday school teachers, room mothers, etc...I think I hate her.

So it's from those lofty heights that I, a begrudged secretary, zealous mother, amorous wife, proud daughter, adoring sister, loyal friend, avid reader, devoted day dreamer, and wannabe foodie, take the plunge into creating my own blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nicole,
    To hell with the blog, you should write a book! You have such a way with words, you even make me sound good :) Thank you, by the way. Welcome to bloggy world. Love ya!